• Quality Leather Goods


    Our leather goods craftsmen manufacture bags, leather goods, wallets, document holders and all types of small leather goods. We have inherited the skills and "savoir-faire" of the Andalusia town of Ubrique. All our products and completely made in Spain (Europe) following the traditional techniques and prestige of Made in Europe leather goods.

    We commit to continuous improvement by refining and perfect our manufacturing techniques, procedures and quality controls in order to ensure the most luxurious leather accessories.

    We specialise in the development of customised products. Our expertise in leather goods manufacturing for fashion brands may be of help in the selection of the best raw materials and construction of your products.

    Entrust the production of your leather accessories to us. You will be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors by quality since expert and skilled leather workers will make your bags and leather accessories. This may be the starting point of a long lasting, trustworthy and fruitful business relationship.



  • History

    Founded in 2004, Piel&Mer is a spanish company dedicated to offer their services for the handmade manufacture of luxury leather goods. Since their beginning and over the last 10 years, Piel&Mer has grown to currently become one of the best luxury leather goods factories, working for the most popular brands in the World.
    In Piel&Mer we work day after day to attend and fulfill client's needs, making and adapting products to the designs and qualities that our clients request. The products obtained are top-quality, manufactured preserving the craftsmanship of the Spanish leatherwork tradition. Nowadays, the original concept prevails and our continuing success is a testament to the principle that built the company.





  • Faschion Leathet Goods

    Ever since the seventies, when PIEL&MER was founded, the company has worked and keeps working generation after generation with a clear aim: to achieve the clients’ full satisfaction. Our work, based on leather handcraft tradition and on the rigorous confection standards, have led many international brands to place their trust on our well doing. Our factories are emplaced on a perfect setting: Ubrique. This is a town with an important leather crafts tradition. From this placement PIEL&MER works day after day to offer the highest quality standards and the best of services, guaranteeing the success on every project we carry out.

    Amongst all of our clients, you can find important high end fashion brands, as well as international freelance designers who have trusted our “know how” for decades. The fact that these high end brands choose our company, is an incentive that makes us keep offering products at the highest quality.


  • Leather Wallets

    The Leather wallet is one of the classics among the sampling boards of small leather goods. The manufacturing of leather wallets and leather accessories matching your handbag collections is a must in the collection of any fashion brand .

    The leather goods manufactured by Piel&Mer have the same quality on their making and the same parameters in the choosing of leather than the leather handbags made by our company. They also undergo the same high quality controls and are also manufactured by the professional craftsmen employed at our workshops and factories.

    Constant communication with the client, an excellent logistics and exhaustive quality controls, make us the perfect manufacturer. You as our client would have the possibility to follow up the status of your production, with the chance of visiting our workshops and factories, so you know exactly and first-hand the status of your production.


  • Travel Bags

    Manufacturing small and large Travel Bags, is one of the specialities of our manufacturing services. Knowing these products will have a high level of usage and that will be with the final client along trips and journeys, we take special care on its making, assuming they could be under all kind of different climates and temperature variations that may affect the materials which they are made off.

    For that reason Piel&Mer takes special care in making a long lasting high quality product. We achieve so by choosing the most durable resistant materials for the manufacturing of our travel bags: the best leathers, the highest quality hardware pieces, the right making process and the most exhaustive and meticulous quality checks.


  • Leather Goods Manufacturer

    A traditional handcraft making as well as a thorough quality control, are the mainstays of the ethos and methodology of work of Piel&Mer . By means of our traditional know how on handcraft leather goods, together with the use of the latest technologies, we manufacture the high quality leather goods demanded by the most prestigious international fashion brands.

    Piel&Mer means quality in the leather goods manufacturing for international fashion and luxury brands, that trust us to make their leather goods and their leather accessories.

    Our way of working, in constant communication with the client, makes us the perfect manufacturer for medium and large volume productions, in addition to our excellent logistics and insuperable quality control. The shipment of samples and the follow up of the production of your leather goods is done in a continuous way with the added possibility of visiting our workshops and factories placed in Spain (Europe), to get to know first-hand the state of your production.


  • Custom Made Manufacturer

    Our main objective is to take the ideas designers and creative artists have, and make them a tangible reality. Our team will start your custom project right from an idea, a sketch or a drawing. The technicians and master craftsmen working at PIEL& MER will analyze the feasibility of the prototype, considering the materials to be used, the best techniques to be implemented and the making of the relevant patterns.

    Once the prototypes are approved, we schedule the production of the different collections, according to the conditions previously agreed. Each of the processes involved in the manufacturing, undergo the most strict quality controls, right from reception of the raw materials, like leathers and hardware, up to the packaging of the finished product.

    Our ethos is to achieve the following five key points: Development on time, delivery on agreed deadline, maximum grade of quality, best price and closed communication with the client.


  • Leather Goods Manufacturing..Piel&Mer

    Planning and scheduling are vital tasks in the development of an industrial activity. If we focus on the manufacturing of leather goods, planning seems to be a bit more complicated due to several factors such as sourcing of raw materials and all the peculiarities of a hand crafted product.Because of this, we must monitor every single stage in the manufacturing process in order that it can be as efficient as possible. This is the main task of the Workshop Manager. Spanish Leather Goods Manufacturers call this person ”Master”.


  • Leather Cutting Productivity and Precision .

    In a previous post, we wrote and showed a short video about the process of cutting the leather using different techniques. This time we would like to tell you about the two main types of cutting dies that Spanish Leather Goods Manufacturers use in their Leather Workshops ,
    Precision Cutting are made by using CAD/CAM technology (the same technology used for making embossing stamps) It’s a 100% automatic and precise process. These cutting dies are more costly but it is the best option when the key word is “Precision”. By using these cutting dies you can get the exactly the desired diameter in a corner of a leather wallet or card holder, for example. Another very good feature of these cutting dies is that you can do several processes at the same time, such as cutting the leather and doing the creasing line on the credit cards compartments of a wallet, for example.

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